St Barnabas Church​​

Marsh Green Road

Wigan WN5 0QR

Contact number:- 07709 1757 42

Doors Open 10 AM-Start 10.30 AM

Half Measures

Availed Us Nothing...

So Jump

This Year's Theme

"There is a Solution"

This is the power of the AA 

programme in practice, 

Which means... We can Recover 

from a Hopeless state of 

Mind Body & Spirit, 

Leading to 

Happy and Inspirational Lives.

Tickets are £6 

They can be bought at the Door


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Whats included in the ticket

  • Admission into the venue
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Step 4 workshop
  • Lunch
  • Raffle with Entrance Ticket for AA appropriate prizes
  • Experience Stregth and Hope
  • Free local parking

Extras on the day:-

  • One off payment of a £1 for all day Teas and coffee
  • Chance to buy stationary, CD's. books and archives material

  • Bring your own Smiles

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Sharing, Workshops,

Fun & Experiences

  1. Some people get into a 'tiss' when approaching their step 4, however this is the step that really turns the light on and brings happiness back into your life.  So during the lunch hour and a quarter, there will be a half hour STEP  4 workshop, in a side room where you will listen to a simple and exciting way to start and finish your step 4 with guidnce from your sponsor
  2. There will be an informal Jam so just bring your musical instruments and Join in.
  3.  At the end of the day there will be an open share, when you can express some of your joy with the gathering.
  4. Don't rush off. We have scheduled an extra hour into our day, to chat and exchange personal expereinces... Remembering when anyone reaches out for Help, the hand of AA  is always there, and for that we are All Responsible!

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Inspirational Speakers

Can we Recover?​

Our speakers are all dedicated to share their inspirational stories of fun, falls & furtunes.

Each speaker has a different unique quality 

who will inspire you to embrace fully the 12 Steps of recovery that are the fundamental foundation of Alcoholics Annonymous, which will & can if sort, bring Joy and enlightment into your life.

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Step 10, 11 & 12

A Bridge to Normal Living

Free Parking - Marsh Green Primary School​ - Thank You

Turn phone into Lanscape and Tap twice on photo for full view

Raffle Prizes

2 AA silver necklaces and chains worth £26

Also key Rings and more.

Programme for the Day

10.30 - Welcome from Our Master of Ceremonies - Ben

10.35 - Sobriety Countdown

10.45 - 1st top table share

11.20 - 2nd top table share

11.50 - What Next 

12 Noon - Lunch 

12.15 - Step 4 workshop - 35 minutes

12.30 Strum and jam session - bring your instrument (informal)

1.20 - 3rd top table Share

1.55 - 4th Top table Share

2.30 - Open Audience Share 

3 PM - Thanks - Raffle - Promises

4.00 - 5.00 Mingle

5.00 Happy Clear Up

This Year's Team 

Ben, Duncan, Matt, Steve & Trisha

Gratefully yours.